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Filipino Basketball Association of North America since 2005

Tournament Accreditation Rules

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Tournament Accreditation Rules
Tournament Rules and Regulations
FBA-NA Forms 1 & 2



Attention all City Directors


Please send your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet on or before August 1, 2012 thru e-mail along with photos in jpg format to Ed Semira at or to Geopo Dacanay at


Tournament Format


  • All players must register annually using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template that replaces FBA Form 1.
  • Individual passport size picture must be sent via mail in JPG format.
  • PHOTOS are not required for returning players however please indicate the year and division that he/she played.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign FBA Form 2 for minors 18 years old and younger. The designated Director/Coach/Manager must assume responsibility that signatures are legitimate.
  • Team individual registration forms must be submitted in alphabetical order.
  • FBA Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template (Form 1) must be submitted on or before the Accreditation day, August 1, 2012 through e-mail to Ed Semira at or to Geopo Dacanay at

Team Roster Form – Form 2


       Names of individual players MUST be listed in alphabetical order.

       Jersey Numbers for each player must be listed on the form.

       Indicate year and division played for each returning players (ex: Reyes, Alex- 2005 – Peewee.)

       The Roster (Form 2) must accompany the team individual registration forms.

       FINAL LIST of players needs to be on the Roster Form 2 and must be submitted no later than August 1, 2012.

       During the final accreditation, City Directors are only allowed up to 2 Changes on Form 2.


The City Directors must present to the Accreditation Committee the following requirements listed below during the Accreditation:


       Team Roster (Form 2)

       Team Roster Form 2 will be checked with the mandatory PASSPORT and BIRTH CERTIFICATE only.

       Note: Player(s) will not be accredited without a VALID PASSPORT and BIRTH CERTIFICATE

       Only the names of eligible players will be listed on the FINAL Score Sheet and will be allowed to play.




  • The Accreditation Committee will have the final say on who is an accredited player.
  • Only the names of the ACCREDITED PLAYERS will be listed on the score sheets.
  • The Committee will make random check, before or during the games. Any discrepancy will be referred to the Rules Committee for immediate action such as “Team & Game forfeiture”.
  • PLAYERS for the SEMI and FINAL games will be checked individually before they are allowed to play.
  • Important Dates:
    • August 1, 2012 – Submission of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template (Form 1) along with digital picture in JPG format and Form 2 (Waiver)


Penalties for Violation of FBA-NA Accreditation Rules

         Any individual player found out to be in violation on accreditation rules during games, such game will be automatically stopped and the whole team will be suspended automatically.

         The coach of the violating team will be suspended and will not be allowed to coach or be a part of any team during current tournament. Automatic suspension for one year will apply.

         In the event that a team is discovered and violated the rules AFTER any championship games, the next first runner up will be declared champion.

         The team through their respective City Director MUST PAY half the cost of team registration fee to FBA-NA.


Violation Consists of Submission of the Following Items

  • Fraudulent/Fake documents
  • Wrong photographs not corresponding to registered player.
  • Or other acts deemed by the Accreditation Committee as intentional.